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Arrived 12/23/18!

Annie & Bentley 

Lil' Airedales

Annie and Bentley are expecting again!  The happy couple are both AKC registered Airedale Terriers and expecting their second litter at the end of December 2018 - Christmas puppies!!

Annie is very sociable, highly intelligent and has a sweet disposition.  She loves to play, go on long walks, ride in the car, and chase rabbits and squirrels. 

Bentley is very loving, playful, and enjoys playing with the neighborhood kids.  He really enjoys a good game of fetch, chase, long walk or simply hunting rabbits and squirrels with Annie.

When friends, neighbors, and family come to visit, Annie and Bentley are typically the center of attention.  We saw how much people enjoyed being around our Airdales that we decided to breed Annie and Bentley.

If you are interested or have questions please complete the Prospective Owner questionnaire and email to  We will respond within 24 hrs.